For those who don't know me I can get a bit crazy, have to get my way 24 four hours a day CAUSE IM HOT LIKE THAT. Every guy, everywhere just gives me mad attention, like if I'm under inspection, I always get a ten CAUSE I'M BUILT LIKE THAT.
I go through guys, like money flying out the hands, they try to change me but they realize they can't and every tomorrow is a day I've never planned. if you gonna be my man UNDERSTAND.
If there is a question about my intentions I'll tell you, I'm not here to sell you or to tell you to go to hell. I'm like a puzzle but all my pieces are jagged, if you can understand this we can make some magic, I'M ON LIKE THAT.
I wanna fly, I wanna drive, I wanna go, I wanna be a part of something I don't know and if you try to hold me back I might explode, by know you should know.. i can't be

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